Tokera focuses on truly unique hosting technologies that are built for simplicity, security and scalability

At Tokera, our mission is to challenge the status-quo of distributed computing that has become stagnant with the same patterns and approaches to creating applications. We believe that the excessive number of layers and abstractions are introducing far too many failure modes that cause excessive outages, too many interfaces that attackers are exploting and too many software dependencies that drive complexity to breaking point.

Ultimately its the functional code that counts, everything else is just a cost that slows down development of the end product; anything that can be removed from the architecture and it still works is a better design, thus Tokera takes the philosophy that you start with a minimum viable architecture, shift left the complexity into design time and then harden it with the best security possible... this is how we arrived at our four core products.

Some randoms technology leaders once said...

Our Fantastic Services

After five years development; Tokera is now pleased to announce the release of core products that make up a complete ecosystem that can build almost any modern application.
  • Our WASM Framework

    By developing our core thick client components in wasm32-wasi compatible rust code; the same code base can now target almost all browsers and native end-user devices - our framework permits one to integrate an enterprise grade distributed application without the bloat of abstractions... and its on here.

  • Our Redolog Services

    When you really break a traditional database down into its minimum server-side components, all thats left is the redo-log and communication channels. Hence, Tokera offers the most secure and highly scalable distributed redo-log we could build. We chose to code it in RUST using WebSockets so that you can even call it directly from a browser without the need for an application server. Check out the project over here.

  • Our Web Filesystem

    The world wide web gave us the best application distribution system on the planet - what could be simplier than visiting a URL and your WebAssembly application is delivered to the user in seconds. Hence, Tokera created the most secure file system we could here ... then we put our web server in front of it for you.

  • Our Elevated Compute

    Some applications will always need to run other code, execute programs, invoke API's and change state in a safe and secure context. Tokera thus created the most portable and secure runtime we possible could and got rid of absolutely everything else, including Kubernetes! Just import your plain Docker container into our secure file-system and we'll run it for you on a micro-kernel without the bloat.

Benefits of Tokera

  • Simplify

    Smart Phones could be considered the pinnacle of device engineering that hold many feature rich capabilities while having very few moving parts. Our Tokera services allow you to make a similar reductions in system complexity as its been built from the bottom up under a "least moving parts" philosophy.

  • Scalability

    Utilization of thick client compute scales extremely well while its basically cost free for the app developer. Our technology is built to capitalize on this trend by shifting left most of the work client side while retaining great security and consistency in a hyper scale distributed architecture.

  • Innovate

    Cutting edge programming langauges and upcoming technology trends are in quantum crypto, rust, WebAssembly and micro-kernels. Ride this next wave with us, attract the best talent and join our active OpenSource projects through contribution.

  • Privacy

    All our services follow the design principle of "zero data". This means everything stored in Tokera is private and unreadable to us. We can achieve this because we deploy new technology that requires an active session from the real customer to enable readability of data and its all done client side. Regulation on privacy is only tightening while "zero data" is a clear competitive advantage.

  • Extreme Security

    Tokera spent two years researching and building the strongest encryption possible. Our technology utilizes quantum resistant (NIST3) crypto routines applied at individual rows. Without going into specifics, even if you could break into our hardened servers there is nothing to steal, not even password hashes!.

  • Open Source

    Tokera trade secrets are not secrets at all, the vast majority of our intellectual property are Open Source projects that anyone can download, use for other commercial reasons or contribute to.


Its hard to "see" software that has minimal moving parts, never the less, heres what we have....

Subscription Pricing

You are welcome to use our free hosting services for development or trial purposes and when ready switch to a paid subscription then the upgrade simply needs a PayPal account in a seamless process.
with restrictions
  • Max 100MB storage
  • Rate limited 4Mbps
  • Open Source Community
per month
  • €0.49 per GB storage
  • €0.09 per TB upload
  • €0.09 per TB download
  • €0.09 per compute hour
  • 99.70% Availability SLA
  • Dollars are in USD
  • Rate limited 10Mbps
  • Ticket Based Support
per month
  • €0.99 per GB storage
  • €0.19 per TB upload
  • €0.19 per TB download
  • €0.19 per compute hour
  • 99.99% Availability SLA
  • Dollars are in USD
  • Rate limited 100Mbps
  • 24/7 Premium Support
per month
  • Unmetered storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unmetered compute
  • Maximum of 1TB of storage
  • 1Gbps dedicated network
  • Full dedicated server


  • Currencies

    United States Dollars (USD).
    Euros (EUR).
    British Pounds (GDP).
    Australian Dollars (AUD).
    Chinese Yuan (CNY).
  • Regions

    Tokera is a totally de-centralized hosting platform that operates in Europe, America, Australia and the United States. We rent servers only in professional tier-3 data centres and above with our software running as close to the metal as possible with no hypervisors or shared tenants on our infrastructure.

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